About me

I’m Adam, MM0KFX and I’m 23 years old. I’ve been licensed since September 2011 and have held my UK Full Licence since August 2013. I also hold the calls KD2JOJ (General), 2M0ZAX and MM6HUT. My main interests are HF contesting, DX’ing as well as operating both FM and SSB satellites. I’m also beginning to develop an interest in VHF/UHF contesting.

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Operating in the GM6NX shack


I didn’t find out about amateur radio until the spring of 2011, where I stumbled upon a few YouTube videos and articles about amateur radio on the internet. My interest quickly grew and I began researching about the different aspects of the hobby, finding out how to get licensed and ultimately, searching for a list of clubs around me. Only a few months from first discovering the hobby, I visited the Glenrothes & DARS and enrolled in a weekend Foundation course in September. I was successful at passing the exam first time and became licensed as MM6HUT.

For the first 6-8 months of holding my licence, I was only active on VHF/UHF FM using a Quansheng TG-UV2 5w handheld and Echolink on my PC/Ipad. As I was still at university, operating anything other than VHF/UHF FM was not practical, due to my QTH. I joined the Aberdeen ARS and began talking regularly with amateurs on 2m as well as attending the club nights when time allowed. However, one weekend whilst at home visiting my parents, I bumped into Colin, MM0OPX on 2m. Colin invited me along to his shack a few times and began to introduce me to the world of HF, where I became immediately hooked. In the summer of 2012, Colin loaned me some G-Whip 40m and 20m end fed dipoles. I was able to pick up a Yaesu FT857d at a good price on eBay and at last, was QRV on HF from home. Colin also took me along to the Stirling & DARS, where he attended frequently and introduced me to the club and its members. I was amazed at the size of the antennas and the very friendly atmosphere. It was from here that my interest and involvement in the hobby really began to flourish.


Team UK at YOTA Finland 2014

Over the years, I remained a member of Aberdeen ARS and attended as often as I could when at University and attended the Stirling & DARS when at home. I’ve since been on a number of trips with the Stirling club, as well as taking part in contests and helping to organise and operate Special Event Stations, such as GA14CG. I’ve learnt most of my contesting knowledge from the Stirling club members and within the last few months, have started to participate in contests more competitively as an individual and with club members. I also got exposed to the Youngsters on the Air programme through the RSGB and attended YOTA Finland 2014 and YOTA Italy 2015. I also joined the newly formed RSGB Youth Committee as Assistant Chairman, where we have organised a Youth DXpedition to Wales (DX15), as well as a number of project aimed at raising awareness of young amateurs throughout the UK and beyond. I also acted as YOTA Month co-ordinator on behalf of the UK during December 2015 and oversaw a very successful month of youth activity.

I’m very lucky and glad that I’ve been involved in so many great projects aimed at increasing the participation of youngsters in the hobby and I’m proud of my contributions. It’s also been great to meet amateurs whom I’ve been speaking to on Twitter or on the air at various events, such as Ham Radio in Friedrichshafen during July 2015 and the National Hamfest and RSGB Convention in October 2015.


Operating on the SO50 satellite in Florida as W4/MM0KFX

Now that it’s 2016, I’ll be turning 24 and will have been licensed for 5 years come September. I continue to enjoy contesting and DX’ing, with the aim of increasing my DXCC total from 157 to 170 by the end of the year as well as increasing the number of confirmed entities by QSL card and LoTW. The end of last year also saw my interest in satellites kick off, so no doubt they will be a main focus point in the year ahead as well as trying to learn CW.

Here’s to good DX and a lot of fun for 2016.

Adam, MM0KFX